PBU Builder 2.0

PBU builder is an online tool that allows teachers to build project-based curriculum units (PBUs) that are aligned to state and district standards and incorporate technology competencies based on the Massachusetts K-12 Instructional Technology Standards. The PBU Builder system utilizes a number of customized databases that include the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, District Curriculum Standards, Student Technology Competencies, and a PBU/MCAS test item alignment matrix.

Building PBUs

Everett, Malden, and Medford teachers access their PBU Builder user accounts to build PBUs using the following tools.

  • Use Unit Templates to build your unit.
  • Align Curriculum Standards
  • Include Technology Competencies
  • Select MCAS Test Items
  • Create a Quick Start Guide (iGuide)

Finding PBUs

Teachers and visitors have free access to our PBUs. Use these tools to find teacher-created PBUs.

  • Classic Search
  • Google Search
  • Comment Search
  • Browse Units
  • Visual Directory

PBU Spotlight

The Saugus Iron Works Great Adventure

Saugus Iron Works National Historic SiteThis nationally recognized fifth grade unit integrates the study of rocks and minerals, simple machines, early colonial history and the engineering design process through a place-based investigation of the first successful integrated iron works in the New World. Building upon the first 2002 Saugus Iron Works PBU that focused primarily on science and engineering, a team of fifth grade teachers this year (2008) collaboratively developed a set of American history lessons to expand the academic breadth of the original unit. Student PBU use has produced statistically significant gains in achievement as measured by the Science MCAS exam.

Learn more about teaching and learning using the SIW PBU at the SIW Wiki and the SIW Blog. Here's a sample of the last three blog posts.

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